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What the Veterinary Profession is Like Today

Choosing to be a vet has always been a large part of a vet’s endeavours of trying to come to terms with his/her personal identity. However, as time changes everything, the modern age is slowly turning the profession into a more corporate one, thus changing its values along the way as well.

In an article he wrote for The Telegraph, Dr. Pete Wedderburn points out how the veterinary profession is very much a vocation, and that there are a large number of vets make this career decision at a very young age. (Dr. Wedderburn was only 5 years old when that calling tapped its fingers on the boy’s shoulders.)

Traditionally, and as was common years ago, the professional veterinary identity has a bigger sense of individual ethos. Solo vets would put up their brass plates and just wait for the clients. They had their own standards with a high degree of self-individuality.


However, the corporate culture has now become the norm and even the vet profession can’t escape it. This will lead to a future where vets become employees and not self-employed anymore. This means that vets will also have to work on organizational values and NOT their own values. Sad thing, a lot of vets view corporate vet organizations as unethical, so one very plausible consequence of this sudden change is that young vets may find themselves jumping from one organization to the next until they find a job identity that could match their own sense of identity.

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