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How to Recruit the Right Person by Wendy Sneddon

With many things in life, you can always learn from other people’s mistakes. This is certainly true when it comes to recruitment.

In my book Get Out of Your Way, I explain that the very first step to recruiting the right person is to define WHO and WHAT you need in your team.

This may seem obvious, but I have seen a failure to do just that have a negative impact on many of the businesses I’ve worked with over the years.

By having a structured recruitment process, you can make sure that all that time, effort and cost is worth it. In other words, you recruit somebody who has the right skills and experience to do the job AND fits in with your company culture.

get out of your way by wendy sneddon

As with all the best processes, this can be broken down into easy steps.

Define the job. Write a job description, and consider the salary and benefits you want to offer.

Define the person. Write a person specification, which describes what skills and experience they need.

Advertise effectively. Consider what platform will reach your ideal candidate. This could be anything from professional journals, to local press, to online and social media advertising. Or even a combination of all of these. Each platform has a cost associated which you should also take into account.

Screen applicants. You can score each applicant against a matrix prepared from the job description and person spec. This makes it much easier to draw up the shortlist of people you would like to meet. Don’t forget to acknowledge each application and keep applicants updated.

Preparation is king. Prepare thoroughly for interviews. Otherwise you risk the applicant thinking you’re unprofessional (remember interviewing is a two-way process). You can also miss asking important questions.

Meet the Applicants. Try and have more than one person involved in interviewing. This allows for a broader perspective and also helps to ensure all the bases are covered.

The final decision. When making your choice, try and ensure you are basing your decision on who you think can do the job best, not just the person who gave the best interview. Quite often the two do not go together!

Update applicants. It is important you keep everybody updated with where you are in your decision making process. Remember it is likely the unsuccessful applicants are in the same industry and/or location as your business, and deserve to be treated with respect.

Be fair. Your recruitment process, from person spec, to short listing, to interview, to the final selection, is covered by equal opportunities legislation. Make sure you understand what this involves and that anybody else who is involved in the process has had training. In reality, as long as you ditch your preconceptions and focus on getting the person who can do the job best, you can’t go far wrong.

To find out everything you need to consider when writing a recruitment policy, including your legal requirements, check out my book at You can also read more of my blogs at

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